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Bayard Rustin

A Centennial Celebration for Social Justice


About the Conference

Bayard Rustin is a forgotten hero of the Civil Rights Movement as well as modern activism. The conference gives us an opportunity to explore his life and accomplishments and to understand the legacy he left for us.

People who attend the conference will come away with a better understanding of how Bayard’s complex contributions to history can inform their work and activism in their own communities.

This conference will bring together academics, activists, community leaders and students to explore Rustin's impact on history and how that legacy can inform our work today. The conference is being planned by Guilford's Bayard Rustin Center for LGBTQA Activism, Education and Reconciliation, our newly reorganized LGBTQA resource center which is dedicated keeping Rustin's legacy alive through ongoing training community members in non-violent activism, campus-wide educational programming and reconciliation work across the intersections of race, class, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation


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